Spinal misalignment is an alteration in the spinal cord that may cause an intervertebral disk to compress a nerve root of the spine hence causing pain. It occurs when there is an irregular movement of the vertebrae. Various factors cause spinal misalignment, and these include sleeping in the wrong position, deformities in growth, and poor diet. Although a misaligned spine has a huge impact on your health, having it is not an uncommon problem, and through the help of a qualified chiropractor, a misaligned spine can be corrected through a spinal fusion surgery. Here is how to tell if your spine is misaligned:

Uneven Postures

If you have a misaligned spine, you will clearly notice that your shoulders are uneven, and this is caused by the tightness of the muscles of one set. You will also realize that one of your legs extends longer than the other. But if you are uncertain of this, sit on the edge of your bed and check if one of your legs is extending further than the other. If it is, it will also have an impact on the heels of your shoes causing them to wear out unevenly. Since your hips are not sitting in a proper position, it causes your feet to strike the ground unevenly.

Weak Immune System

Although everyone gets sick from time to time, one of the common symptoms of spine misalignment is the frequent illness. This happens because the central nervous system, the main communication center between the body and immune system, is not receiving signals or is blocked. It causes the body to become very susceptible to any and all infections.

Headaches And Back Pains

When the vertebrae are tilted or compressed, they lead to the dysfunctionality of the central nervous system that in turn causes a variety of pain that ranges from severe migraines, backaches, and joint pains. Although you may live with the agony of the migraines and back pains and turn to over-the-counter pain medication, if the problem persists and ultimately disrupts daily activities, a spinal misalignment might be the cause.

Stiffness In Movement

Another way to know that you have a misaligned spine is when you experience difficulty in turning your head without pain or hearing your neck crack each time you turn your head – the same applies to the hips. This often makes simple tasks like tying the laces of your shoes challenging and painful. So, if you have felt this for a while, then you might need to seek a chiropractor’s help to help you align your spine. Wouldn’t it feel great to do these simple and even more complex tasks without the pain or stiffness?


If you have a misaligned spine, you tend to realize you are quickly fatigued even if you get plenty of sleep and this ends up affecting your performance on your daily tasks. This is because a misaligned spine drains a lot of energy from your body.

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