There are many reasons why someone might choose to visit a chiropractor. Back and neck pain are two of the most common and are most often associated with well-known chiropractic techniques such as spinal adjustments, spinal decompression and massage therapy. However, there are also many other conditions that chiropractic treatment has been proven to help with. They include headaches, insomnia and digestive issues, as well as whiplash and sports injuries. Many people also choose to visit a chiropractor for preventative reasons, such as an athlete having regular adjustments to try and enhance their athletic performance and reduce the risk of future injury.

Chiropractic adjustments are non-invasive, simple and straightforward. There is no need for anesthetic and no downtime, but you may be a little sore afterwards. This is completely normal and should settle down within a day or two – almost certainly before your next appointment.

How Often Do I Need Chiropractic Adjustments?

There’s not a one-size-fits-all answer to how often you should have chiropractic adjustments. Instead, the health and needs of each individual must be taken into account. As a result, exactly how often you should see a chiropractor for adjustments will depend on the reason for your visit. We’ve provided a few examples below.

Starting A New Treatment Plan

Many people are recommended to have adjustments multiple times per week when they start a new treatment plan. The reason for this is simple. More frequent adjustments help to ensure that the spine is in optimal position, circulation is optimized, and the body can start to heal itself as quickly as possible. If you are experiencing pain, it can also help to keep your discomfort under better control and reduce your need for pain medications. This is because chiropractic adjustments trigger the release of natural pain-relieving endorphins. As your body begins to heal, the number of sessions per week/month may be gradually reduced until you are pain-free and simply wanting to maintain your lifestyle.

General Maintenance

General maintenance visits are recommended for patients who aren’t experiencing any significant symptoms, but who want to prevent further issues from occurring. A good example is someone who has previously had chiropractic treatment following an accident, but who wants to continue to reap the benefits of the treatment after their body has healed. Similarly, you may have visited your chiropractor for general back pain and find that regular visits help to prevent it from returning. In most cases, general maintenance visits can vary from once a week to once a month, depending on your circumstances.

One of the best things about chiropractic treatment is that it can be tailored to your specific needs. This means that at any time, your chiropractor can adjust the length or number of your treatment sessions, as well as the techniques that are used, to suit your current physical and emotional needs.

For more information about how often you should get adjusted by a chiropractor, or to make an appointment with our skilled chiropractic team, call Oropeza Chiropractic Wellness Center at (305) 294-1036 to reach our office in Key West, Florida.

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