Posture refers to how you hold your body in position as you stand, sit, or lie down. Maintaining proper posture is crucial for several reasons. Primarily, good posture helps put your body in correct alignment, especially where the stress on your muscles and supporting structures is limited. Besides, poor posture can cause fatigue as well as muscle pain and stiffness. An easy way to avoid discomfort and injury is by paying attention to your sleeping position.

Try To Sleep On Your Back

Sleeping on your back is best for those who suffer from low back pain and hip pain. Not many people have successfully transitioned to sleeping in this position, though, especially those who are mainly stomach-sleepers. Besides, sleeping on your back exacerbates snoring. So, there may be marital ramifications if you want to stick to back sleeping. But experts agree that this is the ideal position when you sleep. This is because back sleeping lets your head and spine stay in a neutral place. So, you are less likely to strain your neck and back. If you want to sleep in this position, it’s best to use a pillow that’s not too big nor too small. To take the pressure off your lower back, it’s also highly recommended to place a rolled-up towel under your low back for support. Putting a pillow under your knees is also an excellent idea.

Avoid Sleeping On Your Stomach

Experts agree that this is the worst way for any person to sleep. You may love being a stomach sleeper, but it’s not good for you. Your neck must pick a side. This means that you will sleep with your head extended and turned in one direction throughout the night. This position will gradually cause your neck muscles to contract and tighten on one side. At the same time, it will cause the opposite side to extend and weaken. What’s worse is that your thighs will hyperextend your lumbar spine, causing its muscles to also squeeze up there. This will cause your low back to jam up. You should try a different sleeping position if you are a stomach sleeper.

Maximize Side-Sleeping

This popular sleeping position is known to be excellent for patients with chronic back pain. The best way for people with slipped discs or osteoarthritis is to sleep on their side. You just have to ensure that your spine doesn’t curve or tilt awkwardly. Instead, it should remain parallel to the floor. Side-sleeping is also an excellent alternative for converted stomach-sleepers. You can grab a long body pillow, then hug it. This will provide you with the pressure on your chest you used to have, similar to when you slept on your front. Only that side-sleeping is better because it lets your head stay in a more neutral position. It’s also best to place a part of the long pillow between your knees to avoid low back pain. Do you like to sleep on your side but in a fetal position? Maybe you also find laying on the bed with one arm tucked under your pillow comfortable? These positions can still cause problems. The goal is to keep your body and spine in a neutral place as much as possible.

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