A national survey reported that only 53 percent of people in the United States expressed concerns about poor posture and how it can affect their overall health. Knowing how many Americans have poor posture, this data is pretty alarming. The way you carry your body while sitting, standing, or lying down can impact your general health. Maintaining good posture allows your spine to remain in a neutral position. Correct alignment prevents muscle strain, reduces joint wear and tear, and decreases stress on your ligaments. Are you worried about your own health? Here are some exercises to help correct your posture.

  1. Chin Tuck Exercise. The first step in improving your posture is correcting your head, neck, and shoulder postural issues. The chin tuck exercise helps bring these parts into proper alignment. Just sit straight on a chair and pull your chin and head straight back. You should feel a stretch of the muscles behind your neck. Don’t tip your head in any direction. Relax your chin and head back forward to its neutral position. Do this several times. You can do a chin tuck exercise throughout the day, like when you’re driving your car or sitting in front of the computer. Another activity that helps strengthen the neck is neck extension.
  2. Shoulder Blade Stretch. Another exercise that plays a role in correcting poor posture is shoulder blade stretches. It’s common for people to sit or walk with rounded shoulders. This causes the muscles of your chest and shoulders to tighten and your upper back to weaken. By strengthening the latter, your shoulders naturally pull back, then open up your chest. To do the shoulder blade stretch, just sit on a chair as you maintain good posture. Pull your shoulder blades backward, then hold this position for a few seconds. Relax and repeat the exercise several times. Another technique to strengthen the shoulders is dumbbell reverse flies.
  3. Front Bridge Exercise. Besides strengthening your neck and shoulders, you also need to develop your core muscles. These include your abs, obliques, lower back, and hips. They play a role in improving balance as your core stabilizes your body. Front bridge exercise involves sucking your belly button. Do this as you keep your entire body as straight as possible. Hold this position for as long as you possibly can. Don’t lock your knees and avoid holding your breath. Rest then repeat a few times. Other exercises that help strengthen the core muscles include side planks and hip lifts.

Your spine’s health is crucial to your general health and wellness. There’s no magic potion to fix poor posture, though. What you need is to perform the appropriate exercises and demonstrate consistency. It will likely feel unnatural at first, but practicing great posture habits now will result in improvement over time. Do you think you have a posture problem? Perhaps you’re experiencing back pain. It’s time to change your lifestyle and incorporate exercises and the right posture support. At Oropeza Chiropractic Wellness Center, we can guide you in performing some of the best corrective exercises. Call our office today in Key West, Florida, at (305) 294-1036 to schedule your consultation.

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